Brilliant qHD-Resolution

• Clear glasses

• Large, bright display

• Centered display in field of vision

Easy Installation for an Innovative Treatment

Especially in digital impression a precise image display is indispensible. Epson Moverio Glasses deliver accurate and stable images with exceptional quality. The eye-Cad-connect App allows you to see the digital impression of the CAD-system on your glasses and don’t reduce your field of vision while treating your patient simultaneously.

The eyeCAD-connect software is the perfect connector system for your CAD-system und your Epson Moverio glasses. Easily installed on both systems it will allow you to see the digital impression on your glasses in real time within minutes. Ergonomic treatment allows you to pay more attention to your patient.

• Detailed field of view with full transparency is supported

• Ergonomically correct posture of the practitioner is encouraged

• Wireless Synchronizing in real time of CAD-system and Epson-Glasses

• Perfect fitting through individual adjustment and a quick strap

System Requirements

• Wireless network
• CAD-System (incl. Java)

Increased Process Reliability and the Utmost in Mobility